Scoping & Research

Having experience of a diverse range of projects, our team can help you during the challenging early stages of projects. We can guide you through the design and development process, advising on project planning, budgetary costs and schedule.

As a lean, experienced team, we can offer efficient project / product feasibility investigations, blue sky and concept generation phases, whilst always considering the subsequent production reality.

Funding & Networks

We have experience working on a wide selection of funded projects, such as ByDesign, Smart and Innovate UK, and an excellent network of public bodies (Business Gateway, & Scottish Enterprise) and private investment groups.

Our network of trusted associates also covers many other design and development disciplines, who can all add value during the scoping stages.


We can offer a full turnkey service, supporting projects from early concept through to production.

We are also more than happy to offer discrete bodies of work to fit any gaps in a clients capabilities or resource.

We offer project management services, working closely with the client to shape the project plan and schedule, identifying key dates, milestones and risks in the development.

Project Management

We utilise a number of standard project management tools, however always customise our approach to best suit your projects. These include Gantt charts, tracking and snag lists, timesheets and fully costed Bill of Materials (BoM).

Cramasie have helped a number of start-ups achieve their goals, gaining experience in the wider aspects of projects and new businesses. We will add more value to your project than simply product design.

ISO 9001 & 13485

We can work within your ISO system and through trusted associate companies, we can offer full regulatory and quality advice and support.

Industrial & Product Design

With every project that we work on we research, design and challenge. We create a bespoke design process to suit your project and start with observing interactions with products, study influences and market trends, materials and new trends. This helps us to define a structured approach going forward and how we can working together, whether for a Blue Sky project or a defined body of work.

Ergonomics, Aesthetics & User Centred Design

Understanding the User is key to a successful product. User Centred Design is an integral part of our design process, and we ensure that the User is focused on while balancing this with business and technical requirements and constraints.

As part of this, we utilise and develop products with ergonomics and aesthetics hand-in-hand to improve the usability and interaction with your products.

Detail Design

Our team is experienced in a wide range of manufacturing processes and brings a creative problem solving approach to product design.

We are an integrated team of product development experts. Our engineers and designers work closely throughout a project to ensure every aspect of your product is considered.

CAD & A-Surfacing

On many projects, where the product aesthetics and form are important, we use A-Surface CAD technique when component parts are driven from a single master model.

The 3D CAD model is fully defined for the relevant manufacturing process, such as injection moulding or die-casting, accounting for draft angles, parting lines and shut-offs.

We use a range of software including ProE Creo, Solidworks, Rhino and KeyShot.

Design for Manufacture (DfM)

A speciality of Cramasie is the design of injection moulded components, ranging from low cost commodity components, functional and medical parts, through to high cosmetic consumer products.  We have experience in the team of getting many hundreds of injection moulded components to production.

We work closely with the client, moulding partners, material suppliers and toolmakers throughout the process.

Apart from Plastic injection moulding, we have extensive experience in the team of designing for a wide range of processes including:

  • Sheet metal forming, fabrication, welding and finishing.
  • CNC (plastic and metal).
  • Aluminium die-casting and extrusions.
  • Rotational moulding
  • Vacuum forming.
  • Dip moulding.

Mechanism Design

The team at Cramasie have experience of mechanism design and electro-mechanical drives. This ranges from paper handling systems, bolt work and shutters for ATM, turntables for 360° cameras, through to a refuse lorry recycling pod.

We also have an excellent network of experienced mechanical engineers  for any more specialised requirements, including mechanism and optical design

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Cramasie frequently use our in house finite element analysis software as working tool during  the design process.  We have the capability to do static analysis of single parts and simple assemblies.

If a client requires more formal or specialised FEA, we can introduce associate companies that provide these services.


Many of our clients require 2D engineering drawings, and we can provide these to suit the requirements of each project and supplier.

We also provide finishing / colour / configuration documents and a Bill of Materials (BoM).


We are extremely flexible in our approach to prototype testing to suit the requirements on any project. Examples include bespoke fixtures for testing the load on a spinal retractor, custom electronics for load cell testing, as well as arranging testing at a dry slope ski slope and indoor climbing centre.

We will also work closely with local test houses for more specialised or formal test requirements.

Electronics & Software

Cramasie offer electronics development and prototyping within our design team. This can be offered as a stand alone service or to complement our clients in house teams, where resource or schedule may be a challenge.

We also have a good network with electronic design and manufacturing partners as your project progresses to production.

Where many electronics designers prefer a very well defined brief, we enjoy working in the early, evolving stages of electronics projects prior to fully defined requirements and specifications. In fact, we can help you to define this throughout this process.

We can prototype, test and iterate PCBs, breadboards, and ultimately test electronics quickly and cost effectively.

Our Electronics Capabilities

  • PCB Design and Layout.
  • PCB Prototyping and Breadboards.
  • Motor Control and Sensors.
  • USB & SD Card Interfaces.
  • Bluetooth and Other Communication Protocols.
  • Micro-controller Programming.
  • LED PCB Design.

Prototyping & Modelmaking

We arrange prototypes for our clients on almost every project, using a range of processes and trusted suppliers to best suit that requirements.

We will use our experience of working with these processes and materials to advise our clients of the best options available to suit the project requirements, budget and lead time.


We offer in-house FDM 3D printing as a quick turn around service for small components, although typically would recommend outsourcing additive prototypes for optimum cost, resolution and material.

There are also a wide range of additive prototyping processes including variants of 3D printing, SLA (stereolithography) and SLS (selective laser sintering), offering different benefits in terms of material properties, finish, resolution, lead time and costs.

We frequently source CNC prototypes in plastic and metal, to allow evaluation of parts in materials more representative of the final production design.

We source these from a range of suppliers offering different benefits in terms of quality, accuracy and cost.  We have an excellent local supplier, as well as a trusted Chinese supplier who can delivery  good quality at some exceptional prices.

We also source prototype fabricated sheet metal.

A process we frequently use for more specialised plastic prototypes or for small batch runs is vacuum casting. This includes clear mouldings and elastomer materials. Again, we have excellent UK and Chinese suppliers depending on the requirements of the project.

Other plastic prototyping processes we work with included vacuum forming and fabrication.

We provide appearance / cosmetic models to many of our clients, which are commonly used for internal and external sales tools. These can range from relatively low cost painted SLA and CNC parts, through to premium, hand finished and painted models. We will discuss the goals for these models, advising on the benefits and costs.

We also provide functional prototype and pilot batches (which may also be cosmetic models) to suit test, sales and pre-production project goals.

Space Models

We also create large scale space (cardboard) models. These are useful to convey form and the scale of a design prior to a more comprehensive prototyping iteration.

These models include ATMs, furniture, free standing cabinets and interior design, and can be offered in a range of tiers to suit project requirements and budget.

Bespoke Prototypes

We can also facilitate more bespoke prototypes, with an excellent network of local modelmakers, in a wide range of materials, including wood, sheet materials, and fabricated metalwork.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any request.


With a combined experience of over 60 years working in industry and consultancy, we have developed an excellent network of suppliers.

We work closely with these manufacturers through the design stages of the project, and can offer our clients continued support through the ramp to production / product feasibility and concept generation.

Depending on your product and project requirements, we will advise on and introduce local and overseas fulfilment suppliers / box builders.

From working with our clients on the transition from development to production, we have gained an excellent network of suppliers, suited to a wide range of products and business models.

Working in a range of consumer, industrial and medical projects requiring injection mouldings, for quantities from the low hundreds into millions per year, the team at Cramasie have gained a wide range of experience in the design for this process.

We have experience in the team of getting many hundreds of injection moulded components to production.

Moulding Partners

We work closely with the moulding partner, toolmaker and material suppliers throughout the design process to ensure the best result possible.

We have developed excellent relationships with a number of local moulding partners, as well as working with a trusted Chinese supplier for many years.

Sheet Metal

We typically work with trusted local sheet metal suppliers, who offer a great balance of capabilities, quality, cost and technical input.

We can also introduce other options for quick turn around prototypes of sheet metal work and finishing.

Trusted Suppliers

We’ve developed links with a range of suppliers offering production CNC, turning, die-casting, extrusions and other metal processes.

Our suppliers are based all over the world. We work with local Scottish companies. UK-wide, Mainland Europe and into China. These have their own merits and we would introduce options to you to build on your business model.


A vital part of the design of injection moulded components is the design of the tool. The tool design can influence the functional and aesthetic design of a component, and it’s also important to understand how a tooling strategy fits the short and long term project requirements.

As such, we’ve developed a close relationship with our moulding partners, and especially the toolmakers.

We will liaise with the toolmakers as early in the design process as possible, and have a number of local and overseas toolmakers we can consult on any project.

We can also other independent review and evaluation of injection moulding components/designs, including material, process and moulding recommendations.

Tool Trials

The tool trials of injection moulded components are a critical time in the development process, where even with the most diligent tool design and simple mouldings, there may be snags to resolve.

We have experience working with the client, material suppliers, moulding partners and toolmakers through tool trials to get the optimum components.

Our standard way of working is to introduce our clients to a range of suppliers, with them choosing the preferred service for their project.

We have sourced tools directly for clients to suit certain requirements in the past, and also currently provide injection moulded components directly to one of our clients.


As part of the design process, we commonly provide visualisations to our clients in a range of styles, from sketch, 2D Photoshop renders, through to fully 3D photorealistic renderings

We can also provide product, architectural and interior visualisations as discrete bodies of work. If you require any assistance in this field, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your requirements.


We also provide to our existing client base, 3D animations showcasing their products and variants.

If you require any 3D animations for promotional purposes,  securing funding, technical publications, etc, please contact us.

Interactive Animations

A relatively recent development is to use interactive animations, that deliver 360º interactive, touch enabled viewing of a 3D object. This raises the user experience in sales material, product portfolios, product manuals and instructions for use.

These are typically more cost effective for us to produce than a fully scripted (video) animation. Please see the examples of these on our product design portfolio.

Technical Publications / Illustrations

We can provide a wide range of image styles for your technical publications, instructions for use or assembly / build instruction documents.

Styles can range from hand sketched through line drawings to fully rendered 3D CAD images.

Packaging & FMCG

Members of the Cramasie team have experience working in the FMCG market segment which includes: Dishcare, Household Cleaning, Laundry, Food & Beverages, as well as Healthcare.

We have worked on a range of projects for marketing concepts and brand development at Cramasie for clients such as Glenmorangie, Ardbeg, and Oscar & Hooch products.

Cramasie can help with the branding process. We work closely with an exceptional branding and digital design consultancy, who share our approach and ethos to working with clients.

We also work on graphic user interface design for our clients with examples including display layouts for energy monitors, blood glucose meters and gaming products.

We have close links with a number of local UI designers for more involved projects and requirements.