Veracity | Colossus


Continuing Veracity’s range of high reliability, high capacity and low power storage systems designed specifically for IP video surveillance, COLDSTORE Colossus is a 45-bay, 4U rack-mounted unit offering a massive 720TB of video storage capacity at less than 80 watts of power consumption, in a network-attached system designed to extend the life of hard disks.

Cramasie worked with the Veracity development and electronics team from concept through product architecture, industrial design, prototype to full design for manufacture.

A robust rack mounted sheet metal enclosure comprises of a front panel and filter, drive bay easily accessible with front pivoting lid and rear electronics enclosure with service access. The chassis is designed in finished, riveted sheet metalwork, with internal structure and mountings, also with custom injection moulded drive guides and light pipes, allowing quick and simple identification and hot swapping of any hard drive.

Cramasie worked as liaison between Veracity with a wide range of suppliers through prototype, pilot and production iterations to deliver this product to production.

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