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For many operators the collection of segregated waste and recycling has become ever more necessary. It is, therefore, of great benefit if one vehicle can accommodate separate multiple waste stream collections. The UniPod allows up to three separate waste streams to be collected by one vehicle on one collection tour. 

The UniPod is a single chamber, near side loading and off side tipping non compaction Pod suitable for a range of waste streams that require to be collected separately from the non-recyclable waste stream. It is a completely sealed unit and therefore ideally suited for the collection of food waste, glass recycling and dry mixed recycling waste streams.

Cramasie worked closely with the client’s in house engineering team to develop their first recycling pod, intended for both food waste and glass. This side loading and tipping pod is designed to mount between the cab and shorted refuse bodies, and was designed to suit 6 different sizes/configurations.

The design task for Cramasie included the development of the bucket, sides frames and cosmetic panel set, working with thick gauge fabricated sheet metal, box sections, plates, turnings, weldments and integrating standard parts.

Our team worked from industrial design sketch concepts through engineering development, producing all 3D CAD and 2D drawings, then supporting the prototype build and subsequent production batches. Close liaison with the client’s engineering, electronics, hydraulic and production departments were vital throughout the project.

“Cramasie helped us to achieve our goal in developing the Food Waste Pod (UniPod) at Heil” Vipin Pillai, Director of Engineering

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