SHIL | Marsden PTS


The Patient Transfer Scale (PTS) was developed by Gillian Taylor, a former NHS Lanarkshire Emergency Department nurse and in close collaboration with CRAMASIE, SHIL and product manufacturer Marsden.

The scale is designed to weigh immobile patients faster and more easily than current solutions. An accurate weight reading is important when drug dosages need to be calculated or treatment administered, particularly if the patient’s condition is serious; and supports NICE guidelines (2006) stating patients admitted to hospital should have ‘a weight on admission and then a weekly weight.

We developed the initial idea from Gillian in collaboration with SHIL, generating a range of concepts, and creating a range of prototypes to test the accuracy of the scales when in use. It was important to understand the usage of the device, and we took the opportunity to get feedback from hospital staff and test our prototypes. It was not only paramount that the device accurately weighed the patient, but was also ergonomic and light enough to allow the nurses to manoeuvre the patient easily.

We created several prototypes, including the final proof-of-principle unit that was handed over to Marsden, in entering production.

“SHIL are very proud to have supported this revolutionary new product.” Graham Watson, Executive Chairman of SHIL

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