Ranvier Health


Cramasie have been working closely with Ranvier Health over the last few years in supporting concept generation, models for testing usability from the HCW and patient, branding and graphic design, all the way through to the final prototype for live study in Guernsey at the Diagnostic Centre based at St Martin’s Pharmacy.

If the study is successful, Ranvier Health is hoping it can help millions across the globe dealing with depression.

Cramasie have been working with Ranvier Health to develop a concept for a new Mood Assessment Taste Test (MATT) that is used to help health professionals decide whether individuals would benefit from anti-depressants.

We supported initial concept generation and development, studying user handling concepts from both the perspective of the HCW (Healthcare Worker) and from the patient, blue sky future concepts for road mapping, development of consumable handling and transport (paying attention to non-contamination), product architecture and mechanisms, through to user interfacing and industrial design to produce a device that is easy and intuitive to use.

“We have repeatedly been delighted by the extremely high quality of their contributions and overall output.” Mike Hartnack, Financial Director of Ranvier Health Ltd

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