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ROBOTICAL – Marty The Robot V2

Marty is a real robot designed to help teach coding to kids, for the price of a smart toy. Marty comes as a kit or pre-built, so you can either choose the fun of building a robot, or to just jump straight-in to playing and coding with your new walking robot companion. Marty is a proper Walking Robot with legs and feet –  with 9 Servo Motors and a handful of built-in sensors.

Marty V2 has been redesigned from the ground-up to be easier to use, stronger, and with great new features including bluetooth, sound & voice, add-ons & expansions, swappable top-plates and face-plates, smart motors, and a much easier build with fewer screws and clip in arms and legs!

Robotical, a young Edinburgh based SME, approached Cramasie to assist them in the development of the second generation of Marty the Robot.

Our expertise and services, on the project, involved a fundamental stripping back of the original design to the bare bone and rebuilding the entire product from scratch. Following input from Robotical on their thoughts on the first product and their market research, we improved design for moulding and tooling, design for materials, design to cost, DFA, DFM, aesthetic detailing and ergonomics.

Areas of focus included DFA, where a general lifting of the design for improved assembly, specifically looking to improve the user experience in building the kit, not only reducing the build time, but significantly improving the quality of each assembly step.

We also were instrumental in designing the product with a modular approach, preparing Robotical for future, also brainstorming ideas such as the Lego head, face modularity including the digital screen concept, as well as other future ideas for their product roadmap.

The project gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our experience working with injection mouldings in several key areas:

  • Marty V2 had to be an evolution of the existing product, retaining Marty’s cute character but giving a more ‘premium’ feel to the end user. We used our experience designing high-quality cosmetic mouldings to manage wall thicknesses, tool split lines and draft angles. As a result Marty V2 has been lifted cosmetically with softer corners, fewer sharp edges and tighter shut-lines.
  • We used our experience to troubleshoot areas Robotical highlighted as being problematic with the existing product. For example, there was an issue with the smooth operation of the leg joints. We identified imperfections in the bearing surfaces resulting from part and tool design. We were able to redesign the joints in Marty V2 and give instructions to the toolmaker to avoid a repeat of the issue with Marty V2.
  • We utilised side cores and shut-out features extensively in Marty V2, much more so than in the outgoing product. Doing so allowed us to increase the functionality of many of the parts which in turn meant meant fewer screws and a more enjoyable build experience for the end user. Considering the raft of improvements and new features incorporated into Marty V2, this approach also allowed us to keep the overall part count to a minimum.

Marty V2 has since launched and completed a successful campaign on Kickstarter, and we can’t wait to see the extra concepts that we generated for the team!

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