Evolved Monitors


Cramasie having worked with Evolved Monitors from the early stages of their project, looking at hardware options, architecture, industrial design and user centred design for their range of patient monitoring devices. Applications include first response, the developing world, maritime and battlefield. We’ve helped with early concept generation through to sales visuals to gain momentum on the project.

Evolved Monitors technology enables easy identification of deterioration and critical illness by both medical and non medical providers. Through user focused design and in built clinical algorithms they enable minimally trained people to identify critical issues in living patients. Whereas previously the only device aimed to assist the lay person was the  Automatic External Defibrillator for cardiac arrest our platform enables prompt recognition of those alive but critically unwell and in need of rapid interventions.

Their Technology has a wide range of applications from early identification of sepsis patients in the community to easy to use monitoring solutions in the developing world. Augmenting Telehealth systems at sea to identifying early shock on the battlefield, they design their systems to go where the patients are.

” ” Nicholas Dillon, Director Evolved Monitors

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