Dynamic Bioarray

DYNAMIC BIOARRAY – Fluidic Sampler

Taking the client’s existing block model as starting reference, Cramasie progressed the design of the fluidic sampler/micro-slide caddy to a design for volume production. Through quick concept and prototype phases, industrial designs and mechanisms were evaluated, with a focus on usability and accuracy of slide position, before the suite of plastics components were fully realised for injection moulding. A key consideration was an effective tooling strategy of family tools to achieve to suit the client’s NRE budget.

Dynamic BioArray a start-up company in Glasgow, focused on products, IP, services and consultancy in emerging biological micro- and nano-array technology markets. They provided innovative solutions in silicon and glass for biochip and microarray technology, offering tools, materials and kits that enable small sample volume application, allow for better data quality and make life of microarray analysts easier.  A core strength being their expertise of our team, combining semiconductor micro-fabrication with the analytical power of the high-throughput biological array methodology.

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