CBS | Olive


Olive is a high-end, secure and adaptable solution for mounting a range of tablets in public spaces, setting a new benchmark in quality for secure tablet mounts. Each housing piece is manufactured in a durable single piece of die cast aluminium, making them robust and secure.

Cramasie was engaged with the design team of Colebrook Bosson Saunders on a blue sky design exercise, looking for new segments and product ideas, stemming for their existing range of  award-winning, ergonomic products (monitor arms, conference set-ups, lighting and charging solutions).  From this exercise, the Olive project was born – a high quality, aesthetic, adaptable and robust tablet mount.

Working closely with the CBS team, Cramasie worked from the initial sketch concepts (developing the aesthetic and tying this in with the high quality and cues of existing CBS products), through the industrial design, prototyping and pilot iterations, before handing over ownership to CBS to provide the final product with focused engineering detail development ready for mass manufacture.

Areas of focus were robustness, whilst considering premium aesthetic, finish and materials, flexibility of mounting solutions, ergonomics, and ability to support a wide range of tablet sizes and types. Processes included die cast aluminium housings, finished sheet metal work and injection mouldings.

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