Cramasie continue to work with BRCK, a Kenyan based technology company on a number of projects, which includes the SupaBRCK, a connected rugged microserver and router which hosts Moja – a free public WiFi network.

SupaBRCK is the sequel to BRCK’s debut product to tackle two common African IT challenges: reliable power and viable internet options.

The SupaBRCK is a connected rugged microserver, with a dual core Intel 64-bit processor, up to 5tb of hard drive space, and redundant connectivity options – this includes 3 sim card slots, a 10-hour onboard battery, and these are all inside of an outdoor weather resistant enclosure.

These units host BRCK’s Moja, an infrastructure as a service platform, which leverages the connectivity of the SupaBRCK router to broadcast an open WiFi signal to mobile devices within range of its signal, alongside a software platform that provides local cached content and analytics.

We developed the design of the SupaBRCK with the team in Kenya, creating a device which not only had to be robust and withstand the elements and temperatures of rural Africa, but also be sympathetic and understanding of the technology inside. The product involved the processes of die-casting, injection moulding (including an optical clear lens and internal mounting frames and cradles), and a low-powered E-Ink display. We introduced BRCK to our supply chain for prototyping and final production suppliers. The overall design for manufacture had to also consider for thermal management and IP sealing to the elements (IP67).

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