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Edinburgh Product Design and Development company, Cramasie, provide a fresh direction in design consultancy with an ethos of approachability and straight-talking. Our business model is lean and agile enabling us to provide you with the highest quality design services while remaining very competitive.

We have well-established relationships with an extended network of partners including prototyping, manufacturing services, and component suppliers.

We work with a range of clients including small companies, business start-ups, entrepreneurs, inventors and large multinationals. Together, our talented design and engineering team bring you a wealth of knowledge, skills, experience, and a proven track-record of creating successful and award-winning products.

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We can develop your ideas from concept through to production, adding value and reducing costs as part of the process.

The directors of Cramasie bring together over 40 years of experience, award winning designs, with over 100 products brought to market. We have a small in-house team of designers and large network of associates and experts, enabling us to scale quickly when projects require.

Colin Crosland


Colin is a highly experienced, dedicated and enthusiastic Mechanical Engineer with over 13 years working in consultancy and a similar time spent within multinational companies in the UK, Spain and the USA.

His experience includes consumer, medical, industrial, and military segments. Colin is one of the co-founders of Cramasie.

Andy Blair


Andy has over 20 years’ experience as a Mechanical Engineer in Edinburgh-based consultancies and has worked for clients ranging in diversity from one-person start-ups to multinational corporations.

Prior to that he worked for 9 years in a traditional manufacturing environment and gained extensive experience in the design of plastic mouldings and assemblies. He has worked on a wide range of projects for various markets including consumer electronics, industrial and military.

Jordi Moyano Erra


Jordi joins the team from a Product and Innovation agency based in Spain and China, operating in several roles and collaborating with companies both nationally and internationally. His multidisciplinary approach working across different fields allows him to apply specific design methodologies and tools to face any project. He shares his passion between 3D design creation and rendering digital models with his hands-on approach and strong practical skills, building volumetric mock-ups and functional prototypes.

Benjie Marwick Johnstone


An electronic designer with a range of project experience covering 360 degree imaging products and laser optical devices, and also active in charitable and educational ventures.

Experienced in PCB design and prototyping, firmware and test software.

Enjoys the early concept and feasibility stages of projects, and problem solving.